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Ijara is one of three Islamic methods used for a home purchase or refinance and complies with proper Islamic Sharia Guidelines.


Specializing in dealing with Islamic finance options, the objective of IjaraCanada.com is providing consumers who adhere to ethical or religious prohibitions regarding interest paid on loans with proper financing options.

Whether it's buying a home or replacing an existing mortgage, we want to be your authority for alternative choices for Islamic finance and that includes our goal to expand into auto financing options as well. We are currently operational throughout fifty states and Canada.  IjaraCanada.com is not a lender, we are Sharia Structuring company which provides our Sharia Compliant process to traditional licensed lenders, brokers and consumers.


Ijaraloans pioneered Acquisition Solutions in 50 states in the U.S. that are Sharia compliant
Number One for Residential
Foremost for Commercial Real Estate
Same for Conversions
Leader for SBA (or US Small Business Administration)
And Now Fastest Growing In Canada